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The Police and Crime Panel are responsible for addressing any complaints against the PCC.

The Panel are responsible for the initial recording of complaints and conduct matters and for referring any complaints which allege criminality to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Where complaints do not allege criminality, the panel is responsible for handling and informally resolving these complaints.

Please find a summary of all complaints in the table below and the recording decision made by the Panel. Further details on each of these can be found in the reports compiled by the Police and Crime Panel below:

* Please note, no complaints have been recorded against the Police Commissioner in the periods:

  • September 2020 - March 2021
  • April 2020 - September 2020
  • September 2019 - March 2020
  • April 2019 - August 2019
  • September 2018 - March 2019
   Complaint reference  Date received  Decision to record  Summary of resolution / actions
 28  05-2018  23/08/2018  No  No valid complaint
 27  04-2018  17/04/2018  Recorded in  part  Recorded in part - PCC has committed to resolve by local resolution by way of correspondence. Other parts not recorded.
 26  03-2018  15/02/2018  No  Complaint related to conduct of a police officer. Referred to Merseyside Police's professional standards department
 25  02-2018  25/01/2018  No  No valid complaint.
 24  01-2018  22/01/2018  No  No valid complaint
 23  03-2017  17/07/2017  No  No valid complaint
 22  02-2017  06/06/2017  No  Aspect of complaint related to the behavior / conduct of Chief Constable referred to the PCC.
 21  01-2017  16/06/2017  Yes  No further action to be taken. No injustice had been caused.
 20.  06-2016  03/10/2016  Yes  Informal resolution agreed - letter of acknowledgement provided to complainant via Panel.
 19.  05-2016  13/07/2016  No  Insufficient evidence. Complainant out of time to respond. No further action.
 18.  04-2016  09/05/2016  No  Insufficient evidence. Complainant out of time respond. No further action.
 17.  03-2016  08/03/2016  No  Insufficient evidence. No further action. Matter closed.
 16.  02-2016  27/01/2016  Yes  Out of time. No injustice caused.
 15.  01-2016  11/01/2016  No  Insufficient evidence . No further action. Matter closed.
 14.  05-2015  05/01/2015  No  Insufficient evidence. Complainant out of time to respond. No further action.
 13.  04-2015  09/05/2016  No  Insufficient evidence. Complainant out of time to respond. No further action.
 12.  03-2015  29/04/2015  No  No valid complaint.
 11.  02-2015  15/06/2015  Yes  Conduct matter - referred to IPCC who took no further action. No further action required.
 10.  01-2015  07/04/2015  No  Complainant out of time. Matter closed.
  9.  03-2014  02/10/2014  No  No valid complaint.
  8.  02-2014  31/03/2014  No  No valid complaint.
  7.  01-2014  08/01/2014  No  Issue not relevant to PCC. Redirected to Merseyside Police Professional Standards Department.
  6.  06-2013  21/10/2013  Yes  Informal resolution. Matter closed
  5.  05-2013  23/09/2013  Yes  Merseyside Police provided response. Matter closed
  4.  04- 2013  09/05/2013  Yes  Informal resolution offered. Matter closed
  3.  03-2013


 Further  submission

 Yes  Complainant out of time. Matter closed
  2.  02-2013  06/04/2013  Yes  Informal resolution offered. Matter closed
  1.  01-2013  11/03/2013  Yes  Information resolution offered. Matter closed
Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell consulting on her Police and Crime Plan

How can we make Merseyside even safer?

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner is asking for your views on how we can make Merseyside even safer.

Emily Spurrell wants you to share your opinions on policing and community safety with her through her Safer Merseyside consultation.

Your views will be the backbone of her spearhead document, Merseyside’s Police and Crime Plan, which will set the policing and community safety priorities for the region for the next three years.

Merseyside PCC