Merseyside Police is engaged in a significant change programme, and the PCC has a role in overseeing and approving changes which are above a certain financial threshold.

To oversee and support the Chief Constable in delivering  the savings required to balance the budget, the PCC has a formal role within Merseyside Police's Business Change Processes. 

By maximising frontline resources this helps to ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient police service that can continue to provide an excellent policing service to our communities and deliver the priorities outlined in the Police and Crime Plan.

Merseyside Police's Business Change Process aims to deliver fundamental changes in order to deliver the savings and efficiencies required. The PCC's formal role within the process is outlined within the Corporate Governance Framework and outlines her role in either being required to note or approve the final business cases. This provides the PCC with the opportunity to hold the Chief Constable to account and to challenge the proposals submitted to ensure that all options have been appropriately considered, costed and risk assessed, as well as ensure that the change governance framework have been adhered to.

The process also enables the PCC to hear representations from the Trade Unions and Police Federation on the proposals and the process undertaken to produce the business cases.

The meetings through which the PCC is notified of changes or through which their approval is sought are called Change Governance Meetings. 

Minutes and Business Cases

All minutes of the meetings and full business cases for this change programme are published