The Police Commissioner is required by law to produce a Police and Crime Plan for Merseyside.

This important documents shapes and informs the way policing and community safety is delivered in the county.

The Merseyside Police and Crime  Plan 2017-2021 was developed by the previous PCC.

It sets out five clear clear priorities on which the Commissioner and her partners will focus their work and the ways in which Merseyside Police will use its resources to deliver excellent policing for the communities of Merseyside. 

They are:

In June 2021, the Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell launched her Safer Merseyside consultation asking local people for their policing and community safety priorities to inform her Police and Crime Plan 2021-2025.

View or download the Police and Crime Plan 2017/2021

Police and Crime PlanIf you would like a printed copy of the Police and Crime Plan, or a copy of the report in any other format, please get in touch using our Contact page.

Previous Police and Crime Plans

The first Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, published her first Police and Crime Plan after being elected in 2012.

She revised the Plan twice, in 2015 and 2017. The  refreshed version released in September 2017 runs until 2021.

Please use the links below to view these earlier reports.