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The Community Remedy is a provision which was introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

The Community Remedy gives victims a say in the out-of-court punishment of perpetrators for low-level crime and anti-social behaviour by giving them the opportunity to choose an action from the Community Remedy document that they think the perpetrator should carry out.

The Community Remedy document is a list of actions that the victim will be invited to choose from when a community resolution is to be used.

The Commissioner held an initial 3-week public consultation to find out what you would expect to see in the Community Remedy document. She has also consulted local authorities on what remedies are readily available throughout Merseyside.

She then held a further consultation in November 2019 asking members of the public if they still believed the punishments available through the Community Remedy were appropriate and proportionate. She then published an updated document in February 2020 taking into account your views.

According to Home Office guidance, each of the actions contained within the Community Remedy document must contain a:

  • punitive element: reflecting the effects on the victim and the wider community; or
  • reparative element: achieving appropriate restitution/reparation to the victim; or
  • rehabilitative element: helping to address the causes of the perpetrator’s behaviour; or
  • combination of these.

The Community Remedy document has been formally agreed with the Chief Constable.

Merseyside's Community Remedy document

If you have any queries about the Community Remedy, please Contact us.

Jane wants your views on policing funding today...

The Police Commissioner has to set the police budget soon.

She wants your views on  if you would be willing to contribute an extra 19p a week in your council tax  to enable the Chief Constable to recruit 160 new police officers next year, as well help balance the budget and protect jobs?

Without the extra funding the Commissioner will have to reduce the budget, the recruitment of new officers can’t
go ahead and the Chief Constable will be required to cut back on the service again.