The PCC's Targeted Fund is designed to help local groups and organisations to protect their communities from crime.

The Fund is used to help charities, community groups and social enterprises stop problems before they occur, by reducing the opportunities for crime and by deterring people away from becoming involved in anti-social and illegal behaviour.

Applications need to support at least one of the Commissioner’s priorities and address at least one area of the Crime Prevention Model (below).

Read more about the Commissioner's priorities.

Crime Prevention Model:

  • Primary Prevention (situation an social prevention)is directed at stopping a problem before it happens. This involves reducing the opportunities for crime, addressing social and / or environmental factors that increase risk of offending, and strengthening community and social structures.
  • Secondary Prevention – seeks to change people, typically those at high risk of embarking upon a criminal career. The focus can be on a rapid/effective early interventions (for example, youth programmes) and/or high risk neighbourhoods.
  • Tertiary Prevention – focuses on dealing with offending after it has happened. The focus is on intervention in the lives of known offenders in an attempt to
    prevent them from re-offending.

Applicants have to demonstrate a proven need. They are also assessed to see how well they protect vulnerable communities. Awards are aimed at initiatives in the community, which have identified achievable benefits/outcomes.

Please note, this fund is currently closed.