Safer Merseyside Partnership

The primary aim of the Safer Merseyside Partnership is to provide the Commissioner with the opportunity to work with her partners to provide an efficient and effective criminal justice system in the region.

As a result of a formal consultation with partners, it was agreed in June 2019 that the Merseyside Community Safety Partnership would operate under a new name, terms of reference and structure. 

The new partnership, named the Safer Merseyside Partnership (SMP), will shift to the oversight of the delivery of national strategies across Merseyside, whilst simultaneously maintaining a commitment to community safety. The Partnership will also provide elected members with an overview of both the Protecting Vulnerable People forum in the Liverpool City Region structure and the Merseyside Criminal Justice Board.

The new approach will provide an advisory role, and requires effective links with the various other relevant partnerships and meetings to ensure that the objectives of the Partnership and ultimately, those of the Mayor and the City Region Authority are met.


Working together to support the progress of SMP priorities:

  • Preventing crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • Tackling serious and organised crime;
  • Supporting victims, protecting vulnerable people and maintaining public safety.

These priorities are taken from the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan 2017-21. The priorities have been consulted upon with the public and all members of the Merseyside Community Safety Partnership. In addition to the above, the following objectives have been agreed:

  • To determine if national strategies are achievable/appropriate;
  • Provide strategic leadership of national strategies including the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy (NOCS);
  • To review and have oversight of strategic plans for Merseyside and address national strategies as developed by organisations (e.g. NOCS);
  • To challenge performance against the strategy outcomes (e.g.NOCS) ;
  • Provide political direction and oversight under the Crime and Disorder Act at county level;
  • Act as an oversight body for the Strategic Protecting Vulnerable Peoples Forum;
  • To act as a critical friend and to unblock issues at a strategic level;
  • For each Local Authority to be accountable for delivery in their area;
  • Provide strategic leadership of the wider community safety issues;
  • To support the coordination and pooling of resources;
  • To enable regional sharing of learning;
  • Raise the national profile of Merseyside/LCR.


Membership of the Partnership consists of:

  1. Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner (Chair). Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (Deputy Chair).
  2. Lead Councillors for Community Safety and/or relevant specialist areas from Merseyside’s local authorities (Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral)
  3.  Fire Authority Representative
  4. Where agencies have no political lead (e.g. Probation) they sit on the group as a special advisor (e.g. Probation Service, CRC etc.) and will initially include:
  5. National Probation Service
  6. Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company
  7. Housing (Mayoral Lead)
  8. Chamber of Commerce
  9. Department of Work and Pensions
  10. A Youth Offending representative who will have responsibility for representing and feeding back to all Merseyside Youth Offending Teams.
  11. Chair of the City Region Protecting Vulnerable People Forum (LCR PVPF)

Please find out more about the Merseyside Community Safety Partnership here.

Meeting minutes

14th June 2019 - minutes

6th September 2019 - minutes

21st January 2020 - minutes