Grants & Funding

The Commissioner has responsibility for setting a number of important grants that work to improve community safety on Merseyside.

Community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises are all invited to bid for a slice of these funds to help make Merseyside an even better place to work, live and visit.

Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants

Crime and disorder reduction grants are used to provide funding to any organisation that helps to tackle these issues in Merseyside.

Find out more about these grants here.

Crime Prevention Fund

The Commissioner's Crime Prevention Fund gives organisations, charities and social enteprises the opportunity to bid for up to £25,000 to help prevent crime and protect their communities.

The Fund, which was launched by Jane in 2015, is designed to stop problems before they occur, by reducing the opportunities for crime and by deterring people away from becoming involved in anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Please note, this fund is now closed

Police Property Act Fund

The Commissioner also runs a Police Property Act Fund. This fund gives voluntary and community organisations that are working to make a difference in their neighbourhoods the opportunity to apply for a one-off grant of up to £5,000.

These grants all go towards projects that reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, support victims or reduce reoffending and are in line with the Commissioner's Priorities.

In 2015, the PCC announced that the grants from this fund would focus on innovative projects that help to divert young people away from becoming involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Please note, this fund is now CLOSED.

Find out more about the projects that have already been successful or more information about how you can apply for a grant by clicking here.