Budget Reports 2018/19

Budget 2018/19

The budget report is one of the most important documents that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has to consider during the course of the year.

Jane produced her final budget report for 2018/19 after holding a special public budget meeting.

Final budget report

Council Tax leaflet for 2018/19

Special Budget Meeting

The Commissioner and the Chief Constable, Andy Cooke QPM, held a special public meeting at which she set and approved the Merseyside Police budget for 2018/19

The meeting was held at 11am on Thursday 22nd February 2018 at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner at Allerton Police Station.

Members of the public were welcome to attend.

Agenda Special Budget meeting 22nd February 2018

Robustness of Estimates and Adequacy of Financial Reserves report

Draft 2018/19 budget report and revised medium term financial strategy

Draft Treasury Management Strategy 2018/19

Budget Consultation

Prior to the special budget meeting, the Commissioner consulted the Police and Crime Panel on her budget proposals.

Please find the papers from this consultation below:

Police and Crime Panel's report on the precept notification

The Commissioner's notification of the precept to the Police and Crime Panel