Down To Business

The Commissioner is committed to being open and transparent. To demonstrate to you that she is working in an efficient and effective way, she publishes many papers and reports in this section of this website.

As the PCC's office is a publicly-funded organisation, the Commissioner also has a duty to be transparent in her business operations and outcomes to demonstrate she is delivering value for money to you, the tax payers she serves.

You can find detailed information on the budget of the Commissioner's office and Merseyside Police, the spending of both organisations, how the Commissioner is planning for the future and much more in this section.

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The Commissioner is committed to being fully compliant with the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 which sets out the information all Police and Crime Commissioners must make public.

To make this information as easily accessible as possible, you can find all the information the Commissioner is legally obliged to publish listed on the Publications Scheme page.

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If you can't find a piece of information within this area of the website, please let us know by using the details on our Contact page.