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Who is Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner?

Jane Kennedy is the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Merseyside. Jane was elected to be the first ever PCC on November 15, 2012, receiving more than 56% of the public vote. She took up office on November 22nd.

Find out more about Jane Kennedy here.

What is the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner?

PCCs were brought in by the Government to replace Police Authorities.

Jane's aim is to ensure the policing needs of the community are met effectively and to oversee how the police and other organisations are tackling crime in Merseyside. She is accountable for how crime and community safety issues are addressed throughout the region.

It is her job to hold the Chief Constable to account and to ensure the Force is properly funded so that he can deliver an efficient and effective service. The role includes the power to set the policing budget of over £311 million.

Jane is also the only politician elected to represent the whole of Merseyside. Not only that, but she also has a statutory responsibility to monitor the whole criminal justice system in the region.

Find out about more the role here.

How much is the Police and Crime Commissioner paid?

PCC pay varies across the country and is set by the Home Secretary.  It varies depending on the size of the Force.  The PCC for Merseyside is paid £85,000 per year.

Who holds the Police and Crime Commissioner to account?

The Police and Crime Panel (PCP) holds the PCC to account.

The Police and Crime Panel is a body made up of local elected councillors and independent members with the responsibility to scrutinise and support the work of the PCC. They make sure she is holding the Chief Constable to account and performing her role effectively.

Find out more about the Police and Crime Panel.

PCCs must also publish information about their decisions and activities. Jane is committed to being transparent as works to serve you the tax payer. You can find out all about Jane's meetings and key decisions here.

Who works for the Police and Crime Commissioner?

The PCC has a small team of people who help to support her work and help her realise her vision for policing, community safety and criminal justice in Merseyside. The Office of the Police and Crime Commission (OPCC) is a non-political, impartial organisation.

You can view information about the staff structure of the OPCC on our Meet the Team page.

How much does the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner cost?

The PCC was committed to reducing the cost of her office in comparison to the organisation she replaced, Merseyside Police Authority. Her office costs £1.2m to run – approximately £800,000 less than the Police Authority’s annual running costs.

Information on the cost of the OPCC can be found here. You can also found details of all of the spending by the Office here.

How do I apply for funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner?

Although the PCC is unable to provide sponsorship or donations, there are limited funding opportunities linked to certain ‘pots’ that the Commissioner has available each year to provide grant funding, or commission services from various organisations or charities across Merseyside. 

Each of these funding streams is however subject to specific terms and conditions. 

The two main pots you may be able to apply to are:

  • The Crime Prevention Fund - this fund is opened once a year to help local groups protect their communities from crime.  Charities, communities and social enterprises are invited to apply for grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 to support initiatives which help to stop problems before they occur, by reducing the opportunities for crime and by deterring people away from becoming involved in anti-social and criminal behaviour.  Please find more details here.
  • The Police Property Act Fund – this fund allows the PCC to award charitable grants to organisations that deliver community projects and youth diversionary activities, specifically around the summer school holidays and Bonfire/Mischief Night. This funding originates from the sale of property which has come into the police’s possession, where the owner of the property cannot be identified and where a court order has been made.  Grants of up to £5k are available.  Please click here for more details.

Please note, the PCC is unable to help with ad hoc requests for funding.

I’d like to volunteer, how can I get involved?

There are lots of different options for getting involved with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Merseyside Police.

The PCC runs the Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) scheme which sees volunteers making unannounced visits to police custody to check on the welfare of detainees. Find out about this scheme here.

You could also make a difference in your local community by joining Neighbourhood Watch, the largest voluntary organisation in the UK. It encourages neighbours to look out for each other and helps residents and the police to guard against crime, vandalism and many other problems in the local community. Find out more here.

Merseyside Police provides lots of volunteering roles, offering exciting opportunities to work alongside the Force and help to make communities on Merseyside safer.

This includes working as a Special Constable and a volunteer Police Cadet.

Find out about these roles and how to apply here

Can you help with my studies / dissertation?

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner do on occasion receive requests for help from students in regards to dissertations and research papers. Where possible, the PCC and her office will do their best to help with these requests but it does depend on the subject matter and requirements. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Where can I go for help if I have been a victim of crime?

The Victim Care Merseyside website www.VictimCareMerseyside.org is a one-stop shop of information and advice for anyone affected by crime, provided by the Commissioner.

This website, which was launched in 2015, offers guidance and information on a whole range of issues that may affect you.

You can use the site to search for support organisations by crime type or geographical area or both, to enable you to directly access the best organisations to help you, whether you wish to report the matter to the police or not.


How can I be included on the Victim Care Merseyside website?

If you work for an organisation that support victims which is not currently featured on the Victim Care Merseyside website, please let us know by emailing the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

How do I make a complaint?

The Commissioner is only responsible for recording and investigating complaints that relate to the Chief Constable.

All other complaints are sent onto the ‘appropriate authority’. For most complaints this is Merseyside Police, but for very serious complaints it would be the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), formerly the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

For all the details of how to make a complaint, please click here.

If you have a complaint about the Commissioner or her Office, the appropriate authority to contact is the Police and Crime Panel.

How do I get more information about police matters / my case?

Operational matters are under the control of the Chief Constable and do not fall within the PCC’s remit.

She is therefore unable to become involved in queries about the way the police is run or any operations. She is also unable to respond to any queries relating to individual cases or complaints (unless they are against the Chief Constable).

If you do have any queries relating to Merseyside Police matters, you should contact them directly. Please find all their contact details here.

How can I get in touch with the Police and Crime Commissioner?

Please use our ‘Contact’ page to find all the ways you can get in touch with the PCC and her team.