Meet the Team

The Police Commissioner has a small dedicated team of staff who help her hold Merseyside Police to account and deliver against the priorities of the Police and Crime Plan.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is a non-political, impartial organisation. We work to support the Commissioner's work and help her realise her vision and strategies for policing, community safety and criminal justice in Merseyside.

Our team is highly committed, professional and enthusiastic and our mission is:

To make a real and positive difference to Merseyside.

The Commissioner must have a Chief Executive and a Chief Finance Officer. These are statutory roles within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), with the Chief Executive also acting as the Monitoring Officer.

In addition to these statutory positions, there are currently 17 employees within the Office of the PCC, with an additional Police Liaison / Staff Officer role which remains under the control of the Chief Constable. One of these post is filled by a member of staff seconded from Merseyside Police and five members of the team work on a part-time basis.

To find out how the Commissioner's team is organised and the pay grades for each position within her office, please take a look at our Staff Organisational Chart.

This document includes Senior Employee information, relating to any member of the team whose salary is in excess of £58,200 a year.

It also includes the up-to-date equality information for our office.

Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer - Clive Howarth

Clive works with the Police Commissioner to ensure the commissioning of efficient & effective police & crime reduction services in Merseyside. He works to facilitate the development & promotion of the Commissioner’s vision, strategy and priorities & provide high quality guidance, advice & support to the Commissioner.

As chief of staff of the Commissioner’s office, this role provides operational & strategic leadership and is responsible for fostering public confidence through the appropriate & accurate scrutiny of the police & crime reduction services.

Find out more about the role of Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer

Chief Finance Officer - John Riley

The Chief Finance Officer is responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of the Police Commissioner are properly administered and that good financial management arrangements are in place across the Office and Force. The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) also acts as the Commissioner’s strategic financial adviser, ensuring all policies and plans are appropriately resourced.

This role is the Section 151 Officer for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside.

Find out more about the role of Chief Finance Officer.

Community Engagement Team

The Police Commissioner's Community Engagement team act as her ambassadors in the community.

This six-strong team are responsible for the different areas of Merseyside and also for different diversity strands.

More information about this team and the contact details for your Community Engagement officer can be found on the Community Engagement Team page.

Policies of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

There are a number of policies that govern how the Commissioner's team operates. Take a look at the Policies of the OPCC.

Gifts and Hospitality

A register of each offer or a gift or hospitality made to the Commissioner or to any member of staff in the Commissioners Office is retained, which indicates whether the offer was accepted or refused.

Take a look at this register and find out about the Commissioner's expenses and allowances on our page on Spending.