Trick or treat advice

Merseyside / October 31

If you're heading out trick or treating tonight, take a look at this advice from Merseyside Police on how to stay safe.

Trick or treating can be a fun activity enjoyed with your local community. By following these simple guidelines, you can make sure you and your family stay safe:

  • Stick to routes or areas that you know
  • Agree a time you will be back home
  • Make sure you can be seen - if you have a dark coloured costume reflective bands can help
  • Wear costumes that don't restrict you, masks covering eyes or costumes that keep your arms by your side could be dangerous
  • Always carry a torch or glow stick
  • Never go into a strangers house, even if invited
  • If a house displays a 'no trick or treat' sign, don't visit them
  • Respect people's property, don't walk across gardens or climb over walls or fences
  • Don't take expensive smartphones or tablets out with you
  • Don't eat treats that are already open or unpackaged
  • Never cause damage to someone's property - throwing food items can cost money to clean or repair and cause distress
  • Don't play pranks on people - how would you feel if it was your parents or grandparents?

Make sure that your night, and your neighbours, are not spoiled by mindless behaviour.

For more information on staying safe and having fun during Halloween and the fireworks season and to get information on the organised and events going on across Merseyside, take a look at the Merseyside Police website.