Should a new Community Police Station be created in Maghull Town Hall?

Merseyside / December 09

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner is asking people living in Maghull tell her if they think it’s sensible to open a new Community Police Station in Maghull Town Hall.

Jane Kennedy is proposing to locate a new, accessible Community Police Station in the Town Hall on Hall Lane to replace Maghull’s existing police station on the Town’s Westway, which is 20 years old and is currently closed to the public.

The proposals are part of the Commissioner’s 10-year investment plan which will modernise Merseyside Police’s stations and facilities. The proposals were unveiled by the Commissioner in October 2014 when she launched a two-month, pan-Merseyside consultation which included an online survey, community road shows and public meetings.

The proposals received overwhelming support, with 92% of respondents agreeing. At the heart of the proposals was the creation of a network of modern, fit for purpose Community Police Stations across Merseyside, where neighbourhood police officers and PCSO’s would be co-located in busy local hubs alongside partners.

Since 2014 the Commissioner has been working with Merseyside Police’s estates and facilities team to identify appropriate venues for these new stations to be located across Merseyside.

Now the Commissioner wants to see if local people agree that Maghull Town Hall would be the best location for their Community Police Station. It would be the first Community Police Station to be located in Sefton. Jane said: “People across Merseyside overwhelmingly gave me their support for my proposals to improve Merseyside Police’s stations and make them more accessible to the public.

“I think Maghull Town Hall is an excellent location for this Community Police Station. It is centrally located and will see the policing team co-located with councillors, council workers and a host of voluntary groups which serve the local community.

“Now I want to hear the views of local people and make sure that they agree. It is vital we put these Community Police Stations in the best place for the people they serve so I really want to know if we’ve got it right.”

Leader of Maghull Town Council, Cllr Patrick McKinley said: “We welcome the proposals from the PCC for a new community police station in Maghull. A small group of us have been working and negotiating with Merseyside Police over the past year to bring this to fruition for Maghull.

“We should not underestimate the achievement or the importance of this for the Maghull Community. We will be the first area to have one of the new generation of Community Police stations in the whole of Sefton and this will bring community police back into the heart of Maghull. It is a clear demonstration of the PCC’s commitment to local community policing.”

Deputy leader John Sayers said: “This is a unique opportunity for Maghull and fits in perfectly with our neighbourhood and antisocial behaviour plans. We have been working closely with our police on a range of issues and the community police station will further cement our partnership to help us to address some of the issues facing Maghull, particularly during times when resources are stretched. I would like to thank the PCC for demonstrating this commitment to Maghull.”

Share your views now by emailing the PCC.

Image: The PCC with Maghull Town Council Leader Cllr Patrick McKinley (L) and Deputy Leader Cllr John Sayers