Reducing Crime through Innovation: the role of PCCs

Merseyside / November 16

Merseyside's Police Commissioner has welcomed the publication of a new briefing on how PCCs have reduced crime through innovation.

The paper, entitled Reducing Crime through Innovation: the role of PCC's is a summary of the discussions from two roundtable events, held by the Police Foundation, in partnership with the the Barrow Cadbury Fund, at the 2016 Labour and Conservative party conferences.

The roundtables, held as Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) entered their second term, examined questions about what will drive further reform and innovation.

The discussions also looked at forces across England Wales have realised efficiencies and formed greater partnerships, as well as considering the neeed for new, and potentially more radical, avenues for change.

Merseyside's Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, participated in the Labour party roundtable on Monday 26th September, alongside her colleagues Vera Baird, PCC for Northumbra, Nottinghamshire's PCC Paddy Tipping and Alun Michael, PCC for South Wales.

Following the presentations, a roundtable discussion was held.

Take a look at the full briefing here:

Reducing crime through innnovation: the role of PCCs.