Police horse who became social media star dies

Merseyside / August 29

A police horse who became a social media star after posing in front of Liver Bird wings in Liverpool has sadly died.

Murphy’s Law was a 21-year-old with 14 years' service with Merseyside Police and was due to retire this November.

Murphy died after a sudden illness just a week after he was pictured while out on patrol with rider Constable Jenny Slade posing in front of street art in the Baltic Triangle.

Lindsay Gaven, Stable Manager for the Mounted Section, said: “Murphy was a kind affectionate horse with a big character and a real pleasure to have at the Mounted Section and a permanent fixture for many years.

"He was part of the special team of horses that serve the communities of Merseyside and for many years a popular horse patrolling the football grounds.

"His recent social media fame proved to us that he really was a star and he will be greatly missed by all the team."

Merseyside's Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: "I feel desperately sorry for Murphy's riders and for the whole Mounted team who worked with him.

"They should be proud of the commitment Murphy gave over the 14 years of his service with Merseyside Police. He was part of the police family and I have no doubt will be sorely missed."