Police Commissioner welcomes new Chief Executive

Merseyside / August 19

Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy today welcomed the arrival of her new Chief Executive.

Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy today welcomed the arrival of her new Chief Executive.

Sefton-born Dr Joanne Liddy brings more than 10 years’ experience with the Home Office to her new role in the Commissioner’s office.

Before joining the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, Dr Liddy was working as Director of Complex Casework for the Home Office. She has previously worked for the Borders Agency as Regional Director for the North West and led the Home Office Victims of Crime Unit.  

Commissioner Kennedy said: “I am delighted that Dr Joanne Liddy is today joining my office as Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer.

“She has a wealth of experience from her time in the Home Office and criminal justice field, which I am sure she will be able to use to make a hugely valuable contribution to my office. Her experience will also be beneficial in further strengthening my office’s already good relationship with Merseyside Police and a wide range of criminal justice partners across the region.

“I would also like to thank Iain Evans, who did a great job during the early establishment of my office as interim Chief Executive. He very calmly steered the office through the restructuring that the introduction of PCCs brought to the scrutiny of Merseyside Police. I wish him every success in the future as he returns to St Helens Council.

Dr Liddy was born on Merseyside and grew up in Litherland. She attended Litherland High School before going on to study at Liverpool University. After completing a PhD in History she began her career in Whitehall, where she has worked for the last 15 years.

In 2002, she helped developed the policy and outcomes for Every Child Matters – a government initiative which has been described as causing a “sea change” in children’s services.

During nearly three years as North West regional director of the UK Border Agency, Dr Liddy was responsible for all aspects of asylum, immigration and enforcement in the North West region.

Dr Liddy said: “I am hugely excited about joining the Police Commissioner’s team and working with her to cut crime and make Merseyside an even safer place to live.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to serve all the communities of Merseyside and help Commissioner Kennedy deliver effective and efficient policing and community safety for the whole region. Having spent my career so far working on a national level, I am really looking forward to now making a difference on a local level and working with all the organisations and groups in Merseyside who play a part in reducing crime.”