PCC statement on Fire Authority membership

Merseyside / October 31

Police Commissioner for Merseyside Jane Kennedy has withdrawn from full membership of the Fire Authority but will continue to attend the Police & Fire Collaboration Joint Committee.

Jane Kennedy said “It was helpful for me to join the Authority to gain insight into how it works and what the pressures are that face fire fighters in the coming years. That having been done, I am quite clear that, as I have no public mandate to enforce a takeover of the oversight and governance of the fire and rescue service and I have not been able to discover any advantage to Merseyside Police in such a move, I can see no benefit in my staying on the Fire Authority.”

“I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to the firefighters and the staff who support them in their role and the elected members who serve on the Fire Authority, for the warm welcome they gave me. I wish them every success in their endeavours in the future.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with the Fire and Rescue Service through the collaborative work the frontline officers and staff continue to do which is important and valued by the public of Merseyside, and which I will encourage through the Joint Committee.”