PCC pays tribute to Sir Jon Murphy

Merseyside / July 01

Merseyside's Police Commissioner has paid tribute to the Chief Constable Sir Jon Murphy as he marks his last day with the Force.

Jane Kennedy has written an open letter to Sir Jon as he celebrates his final day with Merseyside Police after 41 years of exemplary service to the police service.

Please find the full letter below:

Dear Jon,

I write as your term of office as Chief Constable of Merseyside Police is coming to an end to thank you for your exceptional public service.  Thank you for your commitment to achieving excellence in policing, and for the high standards of professional and ethical conduct you uphold and your humanity in your dealings with the public.

Although your career has been described often in recent days, it bears repeating that in every rank from cadet to chief constable you have served Merseyside with distinction. Your formative roles, in uniform in Toxteth and the city centre, in the operational support group where you were on the front line during the 1981 riots, shaped your view of how the police force needed to be reformed and equipped you well for your twenty years as a detective.

For a short time you left the force to take on a leadership role as ACC at the National Crime Squad before returning to Merseyside as Deputy Chief Constable in 2004. From here on you never left the national stage. You led Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s Tackling Gangs Action Programme in 2007 and became ACPO’s lead on serious and organised crime amongst others. As you retire you are irreplaceable as the national policing lead for the NPCC’s crime business area.

Your qualities have also been recognised more formally as you have been commended on 14 separate occasions and received the Queen’s Police Medal in 2007. The Police Federation’s National Detective Forum presented you with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and I was delighted when you were knighted in 2014.

As Chief Constable you have lead the Force through some of the most difficult and potentially demoralising times ever faced by the police service. The Government’s austerity programme forced some exceptionally difficult decisions on you but in spite of this your leadership instigated a deep and lasting cultural change which will carry the Force forward to the benefit of officers, staff but most particularly the public. The “Just trilogy” will, I hope, be treasured for years to come.

You have often said that Merseyside Police is hugely more professional, competent and effective than the Force that you joined and you are right. This is in large part due to your vision and determination to deliver a change for the better. You can be very proud of that.

Sad as I am to see you go I am very pleased that you are going on to play what will be a very significant role in the development of future police officers. Bringing them in to serve to your standards of conduct and professionalism will be a bonus for the police service of the future.

I wish you a long, happy and healthy ‘retirement’ and hope to see you frequently in your new role.

With warmest best wishes,




Jane Kennedy

Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside