PC Dave Phillips to be remembered by nation's police memorial charity

Merseyside / October 03

PC Dave Phillips is to be remembered in a unique honour by the nation's Police Memorial Charity.

The moving ceremony for the unveiling of the Police Memorial Trust's national tribute to PC Phillips will take place at 12 noon on Thursday 12th October 2017 in the historic Hamilton Square Gardens, Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH41 5EU.

The tribute will be the first time a Merseyside Police officer has been honoured in this way.

Mrs Michael Winner, Chair of the Police Memorial Trust (PMT) said: "I am extremely proud to be in Merseyside to lay the Trust's 42nd memorial to this fallen police hero."

The Memorial unveiling will be attended by the officer's family, friends and very many of his Merseyside Police colleagues.

Various local civic dignitaries including the Mayor and three local Members of Parliament will be attending, as will the region's Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy.

All the National police associations will be present, represented by senior officers and the Merseyside Police Band will play a programme of specially selected music from 11.30am.

The event will commence at 12 noon.

During the ceremony Mrs. Winner and Merseyside Chief Constable, Andy Cooke, will pay tribute to PC Phillips's service and sacrifice. The stone Memorial, honed from Balmoral granite will then be unveiled.

Andy Cooke, Chief Constable of Merseyside Police said: "I hope this memorial will ensure PC Dave Phillips’s legacy lives on, as an officer who was the ultimate professional and committed to keeping the communities of the Wirral safe.

"Dave represented everything that people want from their police service, and everyone at Merseyside Police is extremely proud to say that he was one of us.

"I would like to thank The Police Memorial Trust on behalf of Merseyside Police, Dave’s colleagues and friends, and the public he served for this wonderful memorial and I would also wish to thank Geraldine Winner and her colleagues for continuing the great work Michael started all those years ago.”

Following the ceremony, The PMT will hold a reception in Birkenhead Town Hall.

Attendance at this event is by invitation however the PMT recognise that due to the popularity of PC Phillips and the unique nature of this commemoration members of the local community will wish to pay their respects and show their support.

To accommodate this the event will be televised on a large mobile TV screen located in Hamilton Square. The public are invited to come along to watch the event.

Mrs Geraldine Winner, Chair of The Police Memorial Trust said: "I am extremely proud to be here in Birkenhead on Merseyside to unveil the Trust's 42nd memorial to a fallen police hero.

"PC Phillips was a local officer serving his local community when he was killed in a heartless criminal act.

"He was cruelly taken from his loving wife and family whilst doing his job, a job he loved.

"I hope this tribute, set as it is in the beautiful landscape of Hamilton Gardens, will bring some comfort to his loving family."

Sergeant Pete Singleton, Chair of Merseyside Police Federation said: “Dave Phillips was killed protecting the people he swore to serve, attempting to stop a dangerously driven stolen vehicle.

"This memorial is important not only for his family, friends and the wider Police family but also for the public of Wirral.

"The memorial will be a focal point for the police and people of Wirral & Merseyside to remember Dave's bravery.

"It is a tangible way to recognise Dave's service and sacrifice. His bravery will never be forgotten."