New video released to mark one year until Police Commissioner elections

Merseyside / May 07

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner is supporting a new video produced to mark one year until the elections which will see her successor chosen.

Jane Kennedy announced in February that she would not be putting herself forward for re-selection to serve as Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Now Jane, who is the region’s first and only Police Commissioner to date, is urging people to find out more about the role as she marks one year until the third Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 7th May 2020.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were introduced by the coalition government in 2012 to replace Police Authorities across England and Wales. The role was created to increase transparency and oversight of the police and for PCCs to be the voice of the people on policing issues.

This three new minute social media film, entitled Your Voice Counts has been produced by the national Association of Police and Crime Commissioners with the aim of helping to explain the roles and responsibilities of the role and emphasising the part the public can play in local policing.

Take a look below: