Merseyside Police praised on its efficiency

Merseyside / November 03

Merseyside Police has an 'excellent understanding of the current demand and uses it resources well', an independent report on police efficiency has today found.

Inspectors from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) ranked the Force as ‘good’ in every category of their assessment into efficiency, which is produced as part of their annual police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy inspection programme (PEEL) of all police forces in England and Wales.

The report considers the extent to which the force is making best use of its resources to provide services that meet expectation and follow public priorities, and if it is planning and investing wisely for the future.

Inspectors found Merseyside Police to:

  • have an excellent understanding of the current demand and uses its resources well to plan for future demand;
  • work well in collaboration with other forces to deliver a good service; and
  • have worked well to improve its knowledge of hidden crime, such as child sexual exploitation and broader child exploitation where gangs exploiting children and encouraging them to commit crime.

The report for Merseyside Police states Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, found that: “Merseyside Police is judged as being good, with elements of outstanding, in its ability to understand demand, use its resources well to meet to that demand and plan for future demand and investment.

“The force has an excellent understanding of the current demand on its services, bases all its organisational plans on this, and has used it to shape its new operating model. We were also impressed with the force’s business modelling of demand on its services for investigation. The force acknowledges that it could have a better understanding of demand less likely to be reported. It is continuing to improve the efficiency of its internal processes to reduce demand.

“It has a good understanding of the public’s expectations, and consequently will be maintaining a local presence. It uses its resources well to manage demand and collaborates with others to reduce demand and cut costs, including by working with partner agencies to deal with the most frequent users of their services.

“Effective planning has enabled the force to make savings to meet existing demand, to invest for the future, and build strong reserves.”

The results of the inspection have been welcomed by the region’s Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, but she has also used its release to urge the Government to further invest in the police service to ensure it has the resources it needs to tackle crime and protect communities.

Jane said: “I welcome this positive report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary on the efficiency of Merseyside Police. The inspectors speak very highly of the Force and I appreciate that.

“Their report recognises the significant work the Force is doing to understand and respond to the increasingly complex demands they face.

“I congratulate the officers, PCSOs and staff of Merseyside Police who work tirelessly to deliver such a high level of service to the people of Merseyside. I also applaud the work of the Chief Officers who are continuing to manage their resources in an efficient and effective way. This is at a time when the Government are expecting our police to do more and more with less people.

“As we approach the Government's autumn statement, I once again appeal to the Home Secretary to recognise the vital work our police do and, instead of cutting our budget, properly invest in the people who keep us all safe, every day."

In addition to HMIC’s overall judgment of Merseyside Police being good, the force was also graded as good in each of the following areas:

  • How efficient is the force at keeping people safe and reducing crime?
  • How well does the force understand its current and likely future demand?
  • How well does the force use its resources to manage current demand?
  • How well is the force planning for demand in the future?

Following publication of the Peel Assessment Chief Constable Andy Cooke, said: “In every decision we make as a force, we put our communities first and we are fully committed to providing the best possible service we can, despite the backdrop of cuts to service.  In this context, I am particularly pleased that for the second year running, we have been judged by HMIC as being good overall with regards to the efficiency with which we keep people safe and reduce crime.

“Our officers and staff work extremely hard day in day, day out, and the assessment of good overall and across all the categories considered during the inspection, is testimony to their hard work and reflective of the force’s commitment to keeping our communities a safe place to live, work and visit.”

Read the full HMIC Efficiency Report on Merseyside Police.