Jane Kennedy responds to Merseyside Police and Crime Panel report

Merseyside / May 22

Commissioner Kennedy said, "I will be considerin

Merseyside's Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy today responded to a report produced by Merseyside Police and Crime Panel.

Commissioner Kennedy said: "I will be considering the report produced by the Police and Crime Panel carefully.

"It is a very detailed statement and many of the points made can be relatively quickly answered. Much of the criticism is misplaced in that the information the Panel are requesting is available either on my website or Merseyside Police’s website and has been for a while.

"I inherited a website that the Police Authority commissioned in advance of the PCC elections. Changes to that website to improve the functionality will follow once I have appointed a Press Secretary, something I will be doing in the next two weeks.

"There is without doubt a fundamental disagreement about the process of decision-making. I comply with the legislative requirement to publish decisions based on good evidence and a sound business case but the Panel are demanding information in advance of decisions being made. I will address this in my formal response."