Halewood Police Station to get make over

Merseyside / January 03

Halewood Police Station is set to be refurbished and will now house a new Community Police Station, Merseyside’s Police Commissioner has today announced.

The refurbishment is part of Jane Kennedy’s 10 year strategy to modernise Merseyside Police’s buildings and facilities, while working to reduce the annual running costs of the estate by an estimated £2.5m every year.

The police station in Halewood had initially been earmarked for closure, with proposals to open a new Community Police Station in an alternative location. But following extensive searches and consideration of a number of different sites, Merseyside Police’s estates team has advised that refurbishing the existing station on Leathers Lane will be the most cost-effective and efficient way of maintaining a local police presence for the people of Halewood.

The refurbishment will ensure the facilities are fit for purpose and appropriate to serve the area’s local neighbourhood police team. The project will also see an existing ID suite refreshed.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: “Merseyside Police’s estates team have looked closely at all the options for Halewood with my priority of providing a Community Police Station at the forefront of their minds.

“Having evaluated all the options, I’m clear that this is the best possible solution for the Force, for the local neighbourhood team and, most importantly, for the people of Halewood. This solution will enable the Force to make sure Halewood is fully up-to-date, providing the neighbourhood team with the modern facilities they need to serve the community.

“The public tell us they want to see Merseyside Police at the centre of their communities and by upgrading Halewood Police Station we are making sure the neighbourhood team are regularly available to meet and help local people, while at the same time improving all the facilities.

“This investment in our police stations demonstrates my commitment to providing the most affordable buildings for Merseyside Police’s officers and staff to help ensure they can serve the public as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

The Commissioner consulted people in Knowsley on her proposals for the overall police estate in 2014 and, more recently, received positive feedback from councillors and local people after taking her refurbishment proposals for Halewood to a meeting of the Town Council in November 2016.