A Christmas message from Jane

Merseyside / December 22

A Christmas message from Merseyside's Police Commissioner.

Jane Kennedy said: "I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a safe and successful year in 2017.

"I offer a huge thank you to all those who work for our emergency services and, in particular, the officers, PCSOs and staff of Merseyside Police. They do a great job, often in incredibly challenging circumstances, and there is no more important time to recognise this than over the festive season.

"Instead of spending time with their family and friends, swapping presents and tucking into a Christmas dinner, many of those who serve the public within the emergency services will be at work, potentially putting their own safety at risk to keep us safe.

"I salute their dedication, commitment and courage everyday, but particularly over the festive holidays. I would also ask everyone to spare a thought for those working within our health service, social care system and those volunteering their time to help others during the festive period.

"I have no doubt that 2017 will be another exciting and challenging year. I am in the process of developing the new Police and Crime Plan and, if you have two minutes to spare during the holiday season, I would be grateful if you would take part in the consultation and let me know your views on the police and crime priorities for Merseyside.

You can take the survey here.

"Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year. I look forward to speaking to you in 2017."