Walk for Freedom 2019


MLK Building, International Slavery Museum, The Royal Albert Dock, The Colonnades, Liverpool
19th October 2019 10:15 - 12:00

On October 19, 2019, tens of thousands of people will gather all over the world to #WalkForFreedom and pave the way for slavery to be abolished across the globe.

Walks will take place in hundreds of cities across dozens of nations, including Liverpool where supporters will gather in front of the International Slavery Museum before walking silenty thorugh the city centre.

It is the third Walk for Freedom in Liverpool, carried out in partnership with Liverpool Stop the Traffik and supported by Merseyside's Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy.

The walk is a free event and you can sign up online here or just turn up on the day,

This event is operated by a global anti-human traffi cking organization, A21. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about the millions of men, women, and children who are still trapped in slavery today and to combat injustice together.

Those joining the event should dress in black and a distinguishing factor is that those marching will walk silently through the city in a single-file line.  As the line moves through the city, information about human trafficking will be distributed to onlookers.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: “Slavery was abolished more than 180 years ago in this country. Yet we know it’s still happening today across the UK and here in Merseyside. Slavery’s hidden nature means it is difficult for us to ascertain the extent of the problem, but it is an issue we all need to face.

“The Walk for Freedom is an opportunity for us to show a united stance against this global problem which I hope will turn awareness into action. We want to get people talking about this issue so they know how to spot the tell-tale warning signs and what to do if they suspect somebody is being exploited in this way.

“We need the public’s help if we are to find and rescue vulnerable people who have been enslaved and today is all about bringing this issue out into the open.”

More than 475 #WalkforFreedom local walks are expected to be held in 50 countries acorss the globe marching for a global end to modern day slavery. With tens of thousands of participants, it is hoped the message will reach more than 70 million people online.

By fundraising and rallying thousands of people around the cause, the belief is that this event will be the catalyst for the rescue and restoration of human beings who are being exploited.

“We are convinced that if we do this together, if we keep showing up, if we continue to be tenacious, if we continue to turn up with strength, numbers, and courage, then we can see slavery eradicated in our lifetime,” says Christine Caine, A21’s Founder.

A21 is a global nonprofit organization determined to eradicate human traffi cking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Currently operating in 12 countries, A21 combats modern-day slavery through a multi-dimensional operational strategy: Reach, Rescue, and Restore. Find out more about A21 here.

Sign up to join the march here