Tri-Force Collaboration Meeting

Community Event

Cheshire Police Headquarters - CLOSED MEETING
28th February 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Merseyside's Deputy Police Commissioner is attending a regular meeting of the Tri-Force Niche Collaboration Programme.

This programme is a collaboration to deliver a single Niche platform for the police forces of Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. It is the first time in the world such a project has been attempted. It aims to bring the Force's existing Niche systems together into a single shared database.

Work has been on-going since 2016 to bring the project to fruition. Once completed, the programme will bring a total of 3.4million people, 155,000 business and 2.5million intelligence records all together under one database. It will enable officers from all three forces to instantly see, search and access each other's data, significantly improving the service which can be provided to communities across the three geographical areas.

Today's meeting is hosted and attended by the three Force's Deputy Chief Constables who meet on a monthly basis to consider the schedule, budget and resources for the project and ensure it is progressing as scheduled.

The Deputy Police Commissioner, Cllr Emily Spurrell, attends the Board in an advice and liaison capacity.

This Board reports to the Strategic Governance Board, which encompasses all three Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables and has ultimate governance of this programme of work. The Strategic Oversight Board consider all business cases for collaboration, provide sign off for Programme budget and expenditure, approves all relevant collaborative agreements and any subsequent amendments and take decisions on behalf of their individual forces.

Significant operational benefits have already been delivered with examples of streamlined cross border investigation, improved offender management including organised crime networks and better safeguarding of vulnerable people.  

Niche is deployed in 24 UK police forces, throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.  This is the first time that a merge of established Niche systems, combining information of this type has ever been delivered anywhere in the world.

Work continues to explore the wider efficiencies that may be enabled through further structural and process changes.