Police Chiefs' meeting

Community Event

28th September 2016 11:31 - 13:30

Merseyside's Police Commissioner will join a high-level meeting of police chiefs today which considers the changes needed to tackle new threats and improve the service for the public.

Jane Kennedy sits on the National Police Chiefs' Council's Specialist Capabilities Programme Board, which examines the risks and challenges posed by issues such as armed policing and organised crime investigation.

A national vision for specialist capabilities was co-created with a wide range of stakeholders which defined it as: “To better protect the public, we will enhance our response to new and complex threats, developing our network and the way we deliver specialist capabilities by reinforcing and connecting policing locally, nationally and beyond”.

The Specialist Capabilities Programme will develop options for new models to support policing.

Capability Reviews of the current landscape will provide the evidence base to support the development of new delivery options and define benefits. Options will focus on how capabilities could be coordinated and delivered in order to improve the effectiveness of policing in response to threats and protecting the public.

On the agenda for this meeting is forensics, counter terrorism and a review of the Specialist Capabilities Programme.

The Specialist Capabilities Programme is chaired by NPCC Chair Sara Thornton with membership including representatives from the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), Chief Constables, the Home Office and the National Crime Agency.

The Specialist Capabilities Programme is funded from three sources; monies carried forward from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) contribution and Home Office Transformation Funds.