Deputy PCC joins celebrations for 20 years of Apex Trust

Community Event

Learning Charity Conference, South Road, Speke, L24 9PZ
07th June 2016 11:00 - 13:00

Merseyside's Deputy Police Commissioner is joining the celebrations to mark 20 years of the Apex Charitable Trust working in Merseyside.

Apex is one of the few organisations working locally in Merseyside to help offenders rehabilitate and integrate back into work through training, guidance and mentoring support. They have a strong track record of helping offenders, particularly women, overcome barriers to get back into employment.

Last year, the Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, awarded the Charitable Trust £10,000 to help people with a criminal record to overcome barriers to employment by providing a range of specialist and proven one-to-one support programmes.

Their ‘Clear Choices’ project delivers practical support to address employability issues for non-statutory prolific & priority offenders residing in St Helens. Clear Choices will address engagement, motivation, skills, learning, resilience and best practice in securing employment. Clear Choices is a programme highlighting links between choices and consequences. It will deliver one to one support with provision for additional group work.

This year the charity have been awarded Big Lottery Funding to work exclusively with female offenders.

Today's event will provide the Deputy PCC, Cllr Sue Murphy, with an opportunity to hear about the charity's work with service users and hear about the experiences of people who have been helped by Apex.

Find out more about Apex here.