Covid-19: PCC and Chief brief MPs


Remote meeting
15th April 2020 13:00 - 14:00

Merseyside's Police Commissioner and Chief Constable are meeting remotely with the region's MPs to discuss issues around policing and community safety in light of the Covid-19 crisis.

Jane Kennedy and Andy Cooke QPM are hosting regular briefings for all of Merseyside's Members of Parliament to update them on how the global epidemic is affecting the force and how policing services are being delivered in light of the current situation.

This meeting gives the Commissioner and the Chief Constable the opportunity to keep local MPs updated on police activity over the week, crime trends and the level of enforcement required in light of the new Coronavirus legislation.

The meeting, which is held virtually, also allows the MPs to ask questions on behalf of their constituents, voice any concerns and provide any feedback .

Items on the agenda for discussion include sickness levels and welfare, including the availability of PPE, crime and ASB, response times and how governance is being managed during the outbreak.