Chief Constable's lecture

Community Event

Redmonds Building, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool
08th April 2019 17:30 - 18:30

Merseyside's Police Commissioner will attend a lecture by the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Ian Hopkins QPM, as he examines the increasing complexity of policing.

Jane Kennedy is among the invited guests at the Chief Constable lecture, which is hosted by Liverpool John Moores University every year.

The university started hosting the annual Chief Constable Lecture series in 2013. The event is used to address contemporary issues and debate in policing.  This offers an opportunity for a Chief Constable, the University and audience members to share viewpoints, ideas and issues that address the current state of policing and future challenges within our communities.

This year’s lecture is entitled, Policing needs to look forward not backwards’ where Chief Constable Hopkins will consider how policing is becoming increasingly more complex and the communities served more diverse. He will use the lecture to highlight how technology is moving forward at an astounding pace, creating a huge demand on policing and the prioritisation of scarce resources. He will share his views on how the service must continue to adapt to the modern policing environment and look to the future to shape decisions on transformative change, whilst ensuring to learn the lessons from the past.

Previous lectures given by Merseyside Police's Chief Constable, Andy Cooke QPM, and the former Chief Constable, Sir Jon Murphy QPM, on issues included community policing, surveillance and a state of the nation. The lecture is organised by the Centre for Advanced Policing Studies, which works closely with police forces in the UK and overseas and the College of Policing, to support the sector to meet the needs of 21st century policing.