Surveys & Consultations

The Commissioner provides a voice for the people of Merseyside. She wants to hear your views on policing, crime, justice and community safety.

Your views shape her vision and strategies for the region.

All Surveys and Consultations will be listed below:

Helping to protect local policing against government cut

The Commissioner is reluctanctly asking if you would be willing to pay a little extra to protect local policing against on-going cuts to the police budget?

To help fill a funding black hole, the Government has assumed local people can pay more towards policing, but before Jane makes a decision she wants to hear your views.

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Previous consultations

My Priority - Merseyside's Police and Crime Plan consultation

Will you support Merseyside’s Police Commissioner in making the region’s road safer?

Jane Kennedy has launched a region-wide consultation asking people for their views on her existing policing priorities for Merseyside and is specifically asking whether you back her proposal to make 'improving road safety’ a new priority for the region

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Paying to Protect Local Policing

After six years of austerity, the Government announced in December that it would not cut the police budget any further. However, in his calculations the Chancellor actually included a 0.6% cut to Merseyside Police’s grant that he assumed would be made up by local people paying more towards policing through their Council Tax. Now Jane wants to hear whether you would be willing to make up the shortfall and protect local policing.

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Taking the Right Steps - Wirral's Community Police Stations

If you live on the Wirral, Jane wants your views on where your local police station should be located.                                                                                       


Paying to Protect Your Police

Jane is asking people across Merseyside to help protect vital police services from on-going government cuts by paying a little extra. She wants to hear your opinion first.


Taking the right steps

Jane has unveiled £130m proposals to transform Merseyside Police stations - making officers more visible and accessible while saving money and protecting officer jobs. She wants to hear your views on her plans


Community Remedy Consultation

Jane Kennedy and her Deputy Ann O'Byrne would like to hear your views on what you think about punishing offenders who are responsible for anti-social behaviour and low level crime to ensure victims' views are put first.


Putting Victims First

If you’ve been a victim of crime, share your experiences to help the Commissioner improve services for others in future.


You can also give the Commissioner your views by using the Contact page.