As part of her commitment to being open and transparent, the Commissioner publishes information on how money is spent.

Grants & Funding

The Commissioner has responsibility for setting a number of important grants that work to improve community safety on Merseyside.

You can find out about all the grants and funding distributed by the Commissioner here.


In April 2015, the provision of referral and support services for victims was divided, with some services being delivered nationally and others being provided on a regional basis. Responsibility for commissioning these services was given to Police Commissioners.

For more information on how these servies were split and how the Commissioner has gone about providing services regionally, please see the Commissioning page.

Spending over £500

As part of her commitment to transparency, the Commissioner publishes details of all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments and other transactions by both her office and Merseyside Police which are over £500.

You can find a full list of these at Spending over £500.

Allowances and Expenses

The Commissioner has made the decision to claim no expenses other than standard rail fares when travelling outside of the region.

All these fares are detailed, alongside a full allowances, expenses, travel and subsistence policy on the Commissioner's Allowances and Expenses page.

Gifts and Hospitality

A record of each offer of a gift or hospitality made to the Commissioner, the Deputy (when in post) or to any member of staff in the Commissioner's Office is kept.

This register also indicates whether the offer was accepted or refused.

Gifts and Hospitality Register (January 217 - March 2017)

Gifts and Hospitality Register (October 2016 - December 2016)

Gifts and Hospitality Register (April 2016 - September 2016)

Gifts and Hospitality Register (April 16 - June 16)

Gifts and Hospitality Register (April 2014 - March 2016)

Contract Information

The Commissioner is expected to publish contract information which she, or the Chief Constable, is a party to.

This information is provided on the Blue Light website and it is possible to search for contracts specific to Merseyside Police.

If you are interested in supplying goods or services to the Commissioner's office or to the Force, please register for free on the Blue Light website.

Blue Light was launched in November 2004 to provide an E-Tendering solution for all Emergency Services.

Social Value

Jane is committed to creating social value in all activities to benefit the people of region. As such, she expects all partners and suppliers to identify opportunities to maximise social value in contracts especially through the employment of local people in their workforce.

By mindfully buying for social value Jane wants to create opportunities for local businesses to join supply chains and for local people to access meaningful employment so that she can contribute to a fairer city region for all.