Road Safety Week

Merseyside / November 21

Merseyside Police’s Roads Policing Department will undertake a number of events across the region as part of Road Safety Week which gets underway today.

The campaign calls for drivers across the North West to focus on road safety to prevent crashes.

Officers from Merseyside Police, working with Merseyside's Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, local authorities and Mersey Fire and Rescue Service across the county, will carry out a number of activities over the course of the week that will focus on both education and enforcement.

These activities include school education sessions with primary and secondary schools and other engagement activities with members of the public and working with local businesses.

Chief Inspector Tony Jones from Merseyside Police Roads policing unit said: “Merseyside Police are committed to improving the safety of our roads and reducing the numbers of people killed and seriously injured each year.

“This campaign is aimed at raising driver awareness of the potential consequences of poor driving, not only on them but also on other road users.

“We have seen the significant sentences that have been passed recently on drivers whose standards drop even momentarily.

“Road safety week will hopefully make people think about their driving and reduce those that are effected by the sometimes devastating effects of poor driving.”

Rebecca Power from the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership said: “Ultimately we want to encourage people to drive safely and within the speed limits, so that everyone can stay as safe as possible on the roads. There are no excuses for dangerous behaviour whilst driving or for speeding, think safety first”.

Get Involved

You can show your support for Brake's Road Safety Week by taking the 'Make the Brake Pledge'.

Five people are killed every single day by something we already know how to cure. Our roads are dangerous places, where hundreds of deaths and serious injuries take place every week.

But by changing our driving behaviour, we can help to make our villages, towns and cities safer places to be. Every action that we take, as a driver or as a passenger, can change the outcome of a journey and the future of a family.

That's why Brake has chosen to focus on the six elements of the Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week 2016 (21-27 November): Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.

They are asking everyone to make and share Brake's Pledge online, and show their commitment to saving lives and keeping our roads safe. Anyone can join in – individuals, businesses and community organisations. Non-drivers can take the Pledge too, promising to help drivers stick to the six Pledge points.

Find out more here.